Michael J. Mitzner

Attorney Michael J. Mitzner

Michael J. Mitzner is one of the founding partners of Mitzner & Mitzner, P.A. and has been practicing law with that firm for over 40 years.  He is a former Assistant Union County Prosecutor and has been a Municipal Prosecutor, in various municipalities, since 1977.  While doing that, he has also spent the bulk of his private practice time doing criminal defense work and municipal court defense in towns where he is not the Prosecutor.


Michael J. Mitzner has been advising clients in criminal and municipal matters for over 40 years. His practice is limited almost exclusively to criminal and municipal court defense, on a wide variety of cases, ranging from routine motor vehicle offenses, through DWIs, through serious indictable criminal charges.  He is rated AV by Martindale-Hubbell and has built the practice mainly on referrals from satisfied clients and other attorneys.

Education and Activities

Michael Mitzner completed his undergraduate degree in Political Science and History at New York University in 1965.  He graduated from Harvard Law School in 1968 and has been practicing law in New Jersey continuously since 1968.  He is a member of the New Jersey and New York bars, has been admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court and has served on and been Chairman of the Municipal Court and Criminal Practice Committees in Union and Somerset Counties.  He also serves as a member of the Supreme Court Municipal Court Practice Committee and has done so since 2008.  He is an officer with the New Jersey State Municipal Prosecutor’s Association and is one of the few municipal prosecutors to be awarded certification as a Certified Municipal Prosecutor.  He has spoken and been a panel member for numerous continuing legal education courses relating to drunk driving, other municipal court matters, and as to criminal law issues.  He is currently the municipal prosecutor for the City of Summit and Township of Berkeley Heights.

Media and Television

Michael Mitzner’s expertise in law and knowledge of criminal cases is not limited to the courtroom.  He has enjoyed media exposure as well, as documented in the books Death Sentence, The Inside Story of the John List Murders, by Joe Sharkey, Righteous Carnage, by Timothy Benford, and, most recently, by an interview and appearance on the Investigation Discovery television series – Your Worst Nightmare, in the episode “Murder House,” which also chronicles the John List case.  This documentary-based television show features chilling re-enactments of real-life crimes.


Having practiced for extensive periods of time on both sides of the municipal and criminal law area, Mr. Mitzner has developed a level of expertise held by very few attorneys. He recognizes that every client believes their matter to be extremely important to them and that the results, even of routine motor vehicle offenses, can have significant impact on the client’s future.  Accordingly, he is committed to providing the best legal defense in any matter he handles, no matter what the potential effects on his clients are.  Each client has a right to the best possible legal defense, which Mitzner & Mitzner provides to all of its clients.  Knowing the importance of each case to each client, we keep the clients fully informed as to the status of their cases and particularly of anything on which input from the client would be helpful.  Mitzner & Mitzner does not hesitate to advise a client of the exposure that he faces with regard to any charges against him and to make recommendations as to what Mitzner & Mitzner feels is the best reasonable result for its clients.

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